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knot series

A strange amalgam of heraldry, colour palettes inspired by esoteric colour names, and knots. Choose series by multiple knots, same palette; or same knot, multiple colours. Hand drawn and digitally colored. N.B., screen colors vary. Originals are bright and saturated. 8.5" x 11", archival prints on Hahnemühle Photo Rag. Contact me to purchase. to buy. Starts at $45 for one, $120 for three, $170 for five.

sarcoline palette (sarcoline means "flesh-colored"; 3 shades are used)

sarcoline tomfool knot

sarcoline dacre knot

sarcoline matthew walker's knot

sarcoline monkey's fist knot

sarcoline double wall knot

sarcoline reef knots

eburnean palette (eburnean means "ivory")

eburnean tomfool knot

eburnean dacre knot

eburnean matthew walker's knot

eburnean monkey's fist knot

eburnean double wall crown knot

eburnean reef knots

coquelicot palette (coquelicot means "poppy red")

coquelicot tomfool knot

coquelicot dacre knot

coquelicot matthew walker's knot

coquelicot monkey's fist knot

coquelicot double wall crown knot

coquelicot reef knots

prasinous palette (prasinous means "leek green")

prasinous tomfool knot

prasinous dacre knot

prasinous matthew walker's knot

prasinous monkey's fist knot

prasinous double wall crown knot

prasinous reef knots

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